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We Are All About Trust

Making the right choice when looking for a driving instructor can be a total minefield. Driving instructor’s qualifications, teaching skills, customer ratings, availability and special discounts – considering all these aspects can take time. At WeTrust Driving School we don’t want you to waste that time. Much less do we want you to waste your money.

Whether you are a completely new beginner looking to get behind the wheel, partly trained pupil looking to pass your driving test first time or a full licence holder looking for a refresher course, WeTrust Driving School gives you an overview of our driving instructors, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your exact needs.

What Makes WeTrust Driving School Different?

Are we just another driving school? No. WeTrust Driving School is part of a new, revolutionary comparison website WeTrust.co.uk that has hit the market. With so many driving schools on the market, learners spend a considerable amount of time choosing which one to put their trust in to get that Highly coveted licence. That’s why they will come to us – WeTrust Driving School.

WeTrust Driving School doesn’t have a hidden agenda. We don’t promote driving instructors based on commission or entertain secretly paid-for advertising. We exist to help you save money in the long term by giving you an honest view of the market. A chance to compare special discounts and driving instructors with complete transparency, without having to worry about hidden charges or sneaky promotions.

How WeTrust Driving School Makes Money?

WeTrust Driving School makes its money each time we introduce and book you with one of our Trusted Driving Instructors. When you book driving lessons with them, we receive a commission or a monthly membership fee.

What Do WeTrust Driving School Do With The Profits?

We want you to trust us, and that’s why we’re transparent about where our money goes. As an expanding company, WeTrust Driving School ploughs its profits back into the business to further improve your experience. However, we invest in the success of others, too. That’s why 5% of all profits go to a variety of deserving charitable causes.

WeTrust News

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Will my driving test be cancelled due to snow?

September 18th 2020 | 0 Comments

If your driving test falls anywhere between October and April, there’s a possibility of some challenging weather conditions. Snow itself is becoming rarer year after year, but there’s always a...

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