Intensive Driving Courses

If you are looking to pass your practical driving test quite quick due to being off work, off study or need it quick for an employment then the intensive driving course is the solution. An intensive driving course can be great when starting your lessons from scratch or just wanting to brush up on your skills before sitting your test. Intensive lessons can range from a daily two-hour lesson to consecutive days of back-to-back lessons – we can be as flexible as you need us to be! WeTrust Intensive Driving Courses are tailored to meet your individual needs and are based on your previous driving experience.

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Intensive 10 £550 (10 Hours spread over 3 days)

This intensive driving course is suitable for those pupils who are nearly test standard or have recently failed their practical test with one or few serious faults or too many minor driving faults or who have lost their licence and needs to resit to pass their exam. Also, this course is suitable for those who are a full licence holder but haven’t driven a car for years and needs a refresher. New beginners who like to book “Intensive 10” course should have completed at least 30 hours of driver training with any qualified driving instructor in the UK.

Intensive 20 £1080 (20 hours spread over 5 days)

This intensive driving course is designed for those students who have covered most of the syllabus and mastered the basic elements of car control. Suitable for those who have attempted and failed their practical driving test in the past 9 -12 months and not had any lessons since then. Should have completed at least 20 hours driving tuition before embarking on this course.

Intensive 30 £1590 (30 hours spread over 10 days)

This intensive driving course is suitable for those pupils who have had controls lessons and quite good behind the wheel but have limited driving experience or learners with limited driving experience who need to pass their practical test fast. Ideally, you should have completed at least 10 hours driving tuition before embarking on this course.

Intensive 40 £2080 (40 Hours spread over 14 days)

The DVSA recommend that all learners should undertake a minimum of 40 hours professional driving tuition prior to sitting the driving test. This is a complete course of driving lessons designed to take a complete beginner from the start through to sitting their practical driving test within 14 days. Suitable for nervous students who doubt their ability to learn the necessary skills required to pass their practical driving test in a short period of time.

What is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is a course that provides many hours of driving tuition in a short space of time, learners choose this route with the aim of getting to pass their practical driving test quite faster. Intensive driving courses vary in total no of hours, no of days its spread over, price, and how effective they are for a pupil.

Why Choose an Intensive Driving Course?

You must be wondering that why do I need to book an intensive driving course when you could just stick with traditional driving lessons every week? Well, if you are in a hurry to get ready to pass your practical driving test in short period of time then the answer is, an intensive driving course. Intensive driving tuition enables you to learn and focus on multiple subjects during your training instead of work and focus on one subject in each lesson and sometimes you might be repeating the task if you are struggling to follow the routines during your maneuvers so traditional route with one or two lessons a week takes up to 4-6 months to get ready for the test.

What’s Included in the Cost?

If you book one of our intensive driving courses to learn fast, you will get one-to-one tuition with one of our member driving instructors in your area. All our member driving instructors are fully qualified and DVSA approved and hold a valid approved driving instructor licence/badge. For each of your intensive driving lessons, our member driving instructor can pick you up from home, work or a mutually agreed place that helps you have more flexibility and still be able to get on with your day-to-day life whilst undergoing an intensive driving course.

WeTrust Driving Lessons are provided by members of the WeTrust Driving School. They are self-employed, independent service providers and any contract you enter into with a WeTrust driving instructor is between you and the driving instructor.WeTrust Driving School do not vet or pre-screen the WeTrust driving instructors and are therefore not responsible in any way for the services they provide. The listing by a WeTrust driving instructor is by no way a recommendation or endorsement of their services by us. WeTrust Driving School do not involve or associate or facilitate any transactions or tuition fees being paid by any pupil to WeTrust driving instructors.

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