Driving Lessons Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are an essential and integral part of the driving lessons offered by WeTrust Driving School, a trading name of Rashid Mustafai, having its office at 1 Mychell House, Pincott Road, London, SW19 2NN.

All our member instructors (hereinafter “WeTrust Driving Instructor”) are self-employed independent contractors and it is hereby expressly agreed that the contract for tuition is made solely between the WeTrust Driving Instructor and yourself.

Please ensure you check ALL of the boxes below in order to be eligible for taking driving lessons with a qualified WeTrust Driving Instructor.

  • I am a resident of the United Kingdom
  • I am 17 years of age or older (16 years of age for moped training)
  • I hold a valid, provisional driving license for Northern Ireland or Great Britain
  • I understand if I fail to provide evidence of all three of the above, the WeTrust Driving Instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the driving lesson but may still charge me for it.

The timing, location and duration of all driving lessons are to be mutually decided and determined by the WeTrust Driving Instructor and yourself, including prior confirmation before each lesson and/or request for rescheduling as and where applicable.

You must immediately notify the WeTrust Driving Instructor of any issue that may affect your ability or entitlement to have driving lessons, for example, but not limited to, any lack, or loss, of a valid driving license.

It is the responsibility of the WeTrust Driving Instructor to decide when you are ready to take your practical test and WeTrust Driving School does not accept any responsibility for this decision.

The price per hour for driving lessons will remain fixed at the price that was originally agreed in your contract of tuition, unless communicated otherwise. All payment for tuition should be made directly to the WeTrust Driving Instructor via their preferred mode of payment as originally agreed in your contract of tuition. Any block booking must be used within 6 months of purchase, and you will not be entitled to any refund for any lessons that are not booked and used within this 6-month period.

All bookings, payments, adjustments, refunds and documentations pertaining to processing of such money will be held strictly by and between yourself and the WeTrust Driving Instructor, and WeTrust Driving School hereby expressly disclaims any and all liability arising from the same. However, nothing in these terms shall exclude the liability of the WeTrust Driving School for any loss or damage directly occasioned by the negligence or other breach of the said company.

The cost of the driving test is £62, which is payable directly to the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and is not a part of any of the packages offered on our Website and/or social media pages. This also applies to the theory test charge of £23.

Any request for cancellation or rescheduling of a pre-booked driving lesson must be made directly to the WeTrust Driving Instructor, preferably at least 48 hours before the scheduled start of the lesson. Similarly, in the event the WeTrust Driving Instructor is unable to attend a pre-booked driving lesson, and/or make alternative arrangements for the same, they will notify you at their earliest opportunity. Notwithstanding the above, you acknowledge and agree that each driving lesson is a contract exclusively between you and the WeTrust Driving Instructor and WeTrust Driving School will not be liable for, or otherwise entertain any claim brought by you resulting from such cancelled lessons.

Cancellation of your Driving Test by the test centre on the day of the test may be eligible for a full/partial refund. If you miss your Driving Test owing to your negligence, for example, but not limited to, reporting at the wrong test centre or at the wrong test day, such refund may or may not be available. Please clarify with your WeTrust Driving Instructor and the contract of tuition that you have signed with them to know more about the availability or non-availabity of your rights in such a situation.



In view of the ongoing pandemic of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) additional safety measures have now been made mandatory and non-adherence to the same may result in cancellation of your driving lesson at the sole discretion of the WeTrust Driving Instructor. Wearing of masks and sanitisation of hands prior to the beginning of each driving lesson is compulsory and non-negotiable. The WeTrust Driving Instructor may also ask you specific questions regarding the status of your health and take your temperature by a non-contact body thermometer to ascertain your fitness for the lesson on a regular basis. Any cancellation due to Covid-19 will need appropriate proof of medical certificate / negative report along with undergoing the Government recommended isolation procedure before the driving lesson can be resumed again.