Block Booking Discounts

As one of the top driving schools in the UK, WeTrust Driving School is dedicated to booking you with the best available driving instructor across the country (subject to availability) at the most competitive prices. As part of this commitment, WeTrust Driving School offers a host of block booking discounts, allowing learners such as yourself to save money when booking larger amounts of lessons, as well as giving you as much control as possible over how many hours you spend in the driving seat.

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What Is a Block Booking Discount?

WeTrust Driving School offers a range of different booking options. The traditional Pay-As-You-Learn is always available, making sure you can add an extra hours of driving lessons whenever you need. For those learners who know that they will need a larger number of training hours before reaching their driving test, WeTrust Driving School’s block booking discounts serve as a useful money-saving tool.

Especially useful for beginner drivers, who can also receive their first lesson completely free, (an hour free lesson upon booking 10 hours in advance) the block booking discounts are done in blocks of either 5 hours or 10 hours’ worth of lessons. Through this, you can save up to £20 on a block of 10 hours of lessons. Block booking prices can vary if some of the lessons are taken in the evening, and your instructor will advise of the price difference.

At WeTrust Driving School, we guarantee that the discounted price you get from block booking lessons will not change, even if you revert back to paying for the lessons individually. That means long after your block of ten hours of lessons is complete, your discount will continue to apply, with the price remaining discounted right up to the time you go for your driving test.

By offering a range of different booking options, from “Pay-As-You-Learn” to block booking of either 5 or 10 hours of lessons, WeTrust Driving School aims to provide learner drivers with the greatest flexibility possible.

Want to spend a few hours with your driving instructor before going all-in? Pay-As-You-Learn lessons will always be available. Know you only need a few hours for a refresher or the final bit of a course? Our 5-hour block bookings give you the best of both worlds: a discount, and a smaller amount of time, allowing you to only spend what you need to.

And of course, for those starting from the beginning, or who already know they need extra time, our 10-hour block bookings give you the most competitive prices for a large number of hours. The decision is always yours, and WeTrust Driving School takes great pride in ensuring that you, the customer, always has complete control over how much time they spend in the car.

Why Use Block Booking?

In our experience, and through discussions with some of the most experienced and Trusted Driving Instructors in the country, it seems clear that learners who take block bookings are more likely to succeed in passing their driving test sooner. This is because both the learner’s commitment that comes with a block booking, as well as the structure and regularity of lessons that ensures you will stick to your driving lessons, helping you pass quickly and efficiently.

Along with helping learners pass their driving test quicker and easier, block booking is extremely cost-effective by booked regularly in advanced and savings made, because of these advantages, bulk block bookings are one of the most popular forms of driving lesson bookings across the UK.

The WeTrust Promise

WeTrust Driving School is a unique and adaptable answer to the UK’s growing need for competitively- priced, locally found driving lessons and driving instructors. We aren’t a traditional driving school. We’re WeTrust Driving Instructors Community with members in every city around the United Kingdom (subject to availability). So, when you click “Book Now” rest assured that we’re putting you in touch with the best driving instructors in your area.

How to Book

With driving instructors based in many corners of the UK, (subject to availability) simply submit your details to us online and we will find the best instructor in your area. Every WeTrust driving instructor’s documents are inspected by us, ensuring that they are both registered with the DVSA and are quality driving instructors.

We also provide you with their full profiles that includes their DVSA badge numbers upon your request, so you can rest assured that they meet the industry standards.

Why not book your first block of 10 hours with one of WeTrust driving instructors in your area now and start learning to drive to soon.

The reference to a *First free lesson” is offered by participating WeTrust driving instructors to new beginners only who have never before taken a driving tuition or lesson and the offer and/or withdrawal of the offer is at the sole discretion of the WeTrust driving instructor.

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