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Before you start getting trained by one of WeTrust driving instructors, it’s worth thinking about whether you like to learn in a manual or an automatic car. Not everyone like to learn and drive a manual transmitted car. Many people actually find driving in an automatic car a lot easier and feel comfortable too.

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What is an Automatic Driving licence?

According to UK law, a manual driving license allows you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles. An automatic driving licence, on the other hand, will only allow you to drive automatic vehicles. This is because manual cars require more skill to learn to drive – whereas automatics are easier.

Though this may immediately seem like an obvious reason to take the manual test, this is not necessarily as important as you may think.

With all manual cars aiming to be phased out by 2030 by Mercedes and much of the car industry, the time of the manual car is coming to an end – especially with a push towards electric vehicles, which by nature are automatic.

Is it worth learning to drive automatic?

It seems clear that as time passes, automatic cars become more common and popular, yet is it worth to only learn automatics, and forget about manuals already? Well, there are pros and cons to learning to drive in an automatic car and having only an automatic licence. No matter what, WeTrust Driving School will put you in touch with the best available driving instructor in your area – whether you want to learn manual or an automatic.

Firstly, automatic cars are both easier to learn and easier to drive in general. In a manual car, you’ll need to change gears using a gear stick and clutch pedal to control power and speed. Although there are many aspects in learning to drive, this takes up a large bulk of the skills you will need to be taught.

Without the need to learn clutch control and the use of the gear stick, your driving lessons will become much easier. Almost everything that a manual learner, and even experienced drivers hate are solved by an automatic car. Stalling, dodgy hill starts, and sitting in traffic all become either significantly easier in an automatic car or in the case of stalling, are no longer a problem.

This means that it’s likely to take an automatic learner fewer driving lessons to prepare for their  driving test than a manual learner preparing for their manual driving test. Of course, less hours spent learning also means less money spent, which is what every learner wants!

What are the drawbacks?

There are, however, a few drawbacks to learning automatic. Because so few learner drivers choose to learn in automatic instead of manual, driving lessons are more expensive. With WeTrust Driving School, we have aimed to reduce this difference in price as much as possible, but until more people choose automatic, automatic driving lessons will cost slightly more.

It is up to you to decide if the extra cost is worth it – especially after taking in mind how many fewer driving lessons you might need in automatic instead of a manual car. In a similar principle to the driving lessons, automatic cars are also more expensive, both to buy as well as maintain and repair. Though this doesn’t directly affect your driving lessons with WeTrust Driving School, by getting an automatic driving license you will only have slightly more expensive automatic cars available to drive after you pass.

There are also a few other minor drawbacks to automatics. Firstly, they offer less control. To the average driver, this is unlikely to mean anything, but if you are a car enthusiast, you may prefer a manual. Secondly, because Europe is still dominated by manual cars, hiring a car in most European countries will be more difficult with just an automatic license rather than a manual one.

The WeTrust Promise

WeTrust Driving School is a unique and adaptable answer to the UK’s growing need for competitively- priced, locally found driving lessons and driving instructors. We aren’t a traditional driving school. We’re WeTrust Driving Instructors Community with members in every city around the country (subject to availability). So, when you click “Book Now”, rest assured that we’re putting you in touch with the best driving instructor in your area.

With our vast network of experienced and Trusted driving instructors across the country, WeTrust Driving School will find you the best and most suited driving instructor available to you, at the most competitive price possible (subject to driving instructor’s approval). No matter if you’re looking for a manual or automatic driving instructor, we will get you exactly what you are looking for.

How to Book

With driving instructors based in many corners of the UK, (subject to availability) simply submit your details to us online and we will find the best instructor in your area. Every WeTrust driving instructor’s documents are inspected by us, ensuring that they are both registered with the DVSA and are quality driving instructors.

We also provide you with their full profiles that includes their DVSA badge numbers upon your request, so you can rest assured that they meet the industry standards.

Why not book your automatic driving lessons with one of WeTrust driving instructors in your area now and start learning to drive to soon.

The reference to a *First free lesson” is offered by participating WeTrust driving instructors to new beginners only who have never before taken a driving tuition or lesson and the offer and/or withdrawal of the offer is at the sole discretion of the WeTrust driving instructor.

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